Girl at peace after storm with rainbowDo you sometimes ponder over the following questions?

Why am I unhappy?
Why am I often unhealthy?
Why do I have unpleasant experiences in my life?

Most people are not only unaware of how to deal with their ill health situations and dysfunctional lifestyle behaviors, but are unsure to how they can manifest their preferred lifestyle; to live their passions and dreams. These people have lost sight of who they are and lack meaning of their life.

LIGHTHOUSE FOR THE SOUL  shines light on people’s life journey so they see where they are and where they are going.  By reconnecting people to their soul essence they can use their soul awareness to create a healthy and joyful lifestyle.   My approach is on helping people better understand their life and provide tools for them to heal themselves and maintain the vitality necessary to create their desired lifestyle preferences – to inspire people to be passionate about life.

The GOLDEN KEY to the quality of your life is your level of soul awareness – how much you are connected to your soul essence – your inherent wisdom and abilities you have brought to the planet to manifest your visionary purpose.  You  are the creator of your life experiences on Earth interacting within the universal principles of creation. How you feel about these life experiences depends on how you perceive these experiences and your perceptions depends on your level of soul awareness.  The puzzle of life is about KNOWING who you are, BEING who you are and SHARING who you are with the world to help serve people and be a significant part of the current evolution on Earth. You have the inner power to create what you deeply desire from your soul – to transform your life and how you feel about every life moment.

Your life journey is one of knowing how to utilize your soul essence. Your life´s STORY OF STRUGGLE (your SOS!) is how you have overcome obstacles in your life challenges to reconnect to your unique gifts of awareness so you appreciate how to access your soul abilities and you can then share these with others to help them access this awareness. By understanding what you have learnt on your life´s journey of discovery your SOS become your STORY OF STRENGTH to share with others and your life becomes one of significance within the bigger picture of Earth´s evolution and you live with greater clarity, joy and peace of mind of why you are here on Earth.

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