Paul Statton - Energetic HealerPaul Statton is the founder of the LIGHTHOUSE FOR THE SOUL. He is dedicated to facilitating people to achieve a healthy and joyful lifestyle by helping them access their soul essence. He has developed a unique combination of wisdom and experience in the areas of health, learning, energetic holistic healing, lifestyle coaching, training and business.

After 15 years involvement in teaching and researching learning at University, he has spent the last 20 years as a healthy lifestyle facilitator providing personal and group healing sessions which holistically integrate the spirit, body, mind and emotions. He has trained many people to become health practitioners, instructors and leaders of conscious awareness.

Paul has a profound understanding of how consciousness affects a person’s vitality and lifestyle.  His natural gift in facilitating energetic healing focuses on his extensive abilities to help clients understand how they can engineer favorable outcomes for themselves.

In his personal healing sessions he has demonstrated a strong ability to quickly and accurately ascertain the original cause of people’s illnesses and then use a wide range of body energetic techniques and coaching strategies to assist people to quickly transmute the imbalances. Afterwards, people feel lighter, balanced and more connected to who they are.

Paul has worked in an international healing center providing personal healing sessions, running self-healing workshops and training people as healers and instructors. He achieved great success working with a diverse range of ailments and people from 50 countries. This experience enabled Paul to work in conjunction with expert shamans and their plant medicines; some of these shamans have been involved in healing for over 50 years.

In Australia, Paul was a partner and director in a natural healing center and provided his services in many places around the country.

Paul’s qualifications include many internationally recognized courses in Kinesiology (including educational kinesiology and neurological balancing), massage and bodywork, a Graduate and Diploma in Health Counseling (University of South Australia), an Honors Degree in Economics (majoring in Accounting; from the University of Adelaide) and courses in Train-the-Trainer.

His current writing of health and healing books is a way of sharing his extensive wisdom in a simple effective manner with the world, so people can better understand themselves and be able to create personal vitality and maintain health in a joyful lifestyle they prefer.