9332388_sA holistic approach to health considers the body as being interconnected to the person’s spiritual journey and his/her mental and emotional states; these all being determined by the consciousness the person chooses to hold. Consequently, a body provides a feedback mechanism  as to where the person is at;  it gives messages to where the person’s consciousness is with different parts of the body reflecting the different aspects of consciousness a person holds; this is known as body wisdom. By understanding what determines our level of consciousness we project into the body we understand why the body is at a particular vitality level. In a way, the body is like a movie screen showing the movie (the life script) the movie director (person) puts out.

If the person is in high consciousness the body will have a high energetic vibration and be lighter, whereas if the person is in low levels of consciousness the body will have a low energetic vibration and be heavier. Your body is where your consciousness is.  A high vitality body reflects the person is being their essence, being the consciousness consistent with their energetic blueprint. They are embodying their soul.

A body symptom reflects there are heavy unresolved energies in the body that are lowering the body’s vibration caused by the person being in a lower consciousness and blocking their essence; the person is holding onto some limiting beliefs and heavy emotions.


Chart: Summary of the 3 states of health


Connected to essence   arrow   full flow of body energy   arrow healthy  

Disconnected from essence  arrow block of energy in the body  arrow illness

Re-connecting to essence arrow  higher flow of energy into body  arrow healing   


When interpreting the following charts of body wisdom please remember they are a general guide and you need to apply the information to your particular situations. The best thing you can do is to connect to the body part with all of your senses and see what it tells you specifically – listen to your body talk!


Body Wisdom of key body parts


Body Part

Meaning of Illness
of this body part


 Back Not feeling supported in life; reflects a lack of self support Support yourself more and ensure you have supporting friends
 Hands Not connecting to purpose Focus on your purpose
 Hip-hip Region Blocking Creativity Open up your creative abilities
 Knee You are allowing something to stop you moving forward Focus on how you can move forward in life
 Legs  Not feel comfortable about being on the Earth Ground your essence ; create inner security
 Muscles Guilt is preventing you to move Accept yourself
 Neck (stiff) Inflexibility in communication Be more flexibility
 Shoulder Feeling overburden Let go of some things burdening you and  worry less
 Skin You feel uncomfortable about your environment or your body is too toxic and is eliminating Create a harmonious living environment including relationships; may require a detox
 Stomach Not in your power Find inner strength and courage to handle life situations


Some Common Ailments:   Causes and Lessons



Underlying Cause

(essence being blocked)

Lesson to Learn

(reconnecting to essence)

 Addictions Lack of self love Love your self
Appendicitis Suppressed anger Connect to purpose and being peaceful
 Arthritis Mental inflexibility Develop creative solutions
 Asthma Suppressing grief Be detached by reconnecting to unity consciousness; there is no loss
 Bites (mosquito) Something is bugging you Find a solution to what you perceive is a problem
 Cold & Flu Indecision Make a decision
 Cutting yourself Not being present in the moment Ground yourself and focus on the current experience
 Depression Disconnection from self Connect to essence and purpose by accessing feeling awareness and reducing mental processing
 Diarrhea Forcing things to change Be patient with the process of change
 Headaches Excessive thinking and dehydration Connect to your intuition, which works better when you are hydrated
 Heart disease Lack of expressing your emotions Connect to heart centered awareness
 Obesity/diabetes Suppressed sadness Connect to your own sweetness
 Sinuses blocked Holding onto sadness Have a big cry and forgive yourself