Lighthouse for the Soul uses a range of energetic services to facilitate you to live a healthy and joyful lifestyle. Outcomes for you from the healing techniques include:

  •         Greater CLARITY of who you are and your direction in life;
  •         Having greater VITALITY, feeling balanced, lighter and clearer;
  •         Being  CONFIDENT to handle life and create your desired lifestyle; and
  •         Feeling JOYFUL with having more meaning to your life.

The 2 main services provided for personal healing are lifestyle coaching and energetic engineering (energetic clearing and enhancing), while training services are provided if you would like to be a facilitator of healing.

Lifestyle Coaching

Energetic Engineering

Lifestyle coaching helps you to develop the awareness and skills to create changes in your life so you can manifest your preferred lifestyle. The supporting process guides you to understand where you are blocking yourself and provides effective strategies to make the required changes in attitudes and behaviour. Coaching is tailored to your personal situation and can be done online.

There is a LIFE MASTERY personal coaching program over 2 months which fast tracks you to transform your life. This is available in person or online.

Coaching can include an Essence Reading where you are helped to ascertain your soul essence; the energetic blueprint you brought to the planet. A Life Action Plan helps you make an overhaul of your life with identifying what is required to change and provides effective strategies to ensure the desired changes are made in your life.

Energetic Engineering

Energetic Engineering integrates a range of energetic healing modalities in a holistic approach to detect your imbalances and restore your vitality. These techniques can deal with the following ailments:

  • Structural mis-alignments; including back (including scoliosis), hips and neck;
  • Neurological disorders; like allergies and learning difficulties;
  • Respiratory blockages; like asthma;
  • Weakened immune systems;
  • Emotional and mental blockages held in the body from past trauma;
  • Nutritional deficiencies and body toxicity.

Energetic Engineering is available remotely through distance healing. Paul has extensive experience in using these healing modalities successfully from a distance without having met the person in the physical.  Energetic Engineering is usually used in conjunction with Lifestyle Coaching to ensure deep permanent healing occurs at all levels – spiritual, mental, emotionally and physically.
If you would like further information on healings or you would like to make a request for an appointment please go to Contact Us.

For information on training courses, click Training.

Book a remote  Lifestyle Coaching or Energetic Engineering Session Now for $US99 

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 Services are provided based on the TERMS AND CONDITIONS set out here.