butterflies_25860132_sThis page provides suggestions as how to create a healthy, joyful lifestyle. Body Wisdom has information to help you understand the meanings and messages of some particular illnesses and body issues. There is a Health Focus section for members where there is more detailed information on lifestyle, health, illness and healing.

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Creating a Healthy Joyful Lifestyle

To create a healthy joyful lifestyle you are required to be your soul essence. Since everybody’s essence reflects their underlying purpose of why they came to the planet in the first place, if you access your essence, and be it, you must manifest your preferred lifestyle. But how do you practically do that?

A profound approach to being your essence is the TRIPLE A technique:


Ask for what you prefer, to give yourself permission;

Set clear intentions as to what you prefer to experience;


Allow the universe to respond with its natural flow; no resistances


Accept what the universe gives you with detachment and gratitude.

Life can be simple when you trust the creation process by putting out what you prefer with gratitude and enjoy receiving – to want and need nothing and to focus on being with heart centered awareness. You spontaneously respond to what your intuition tells you is appropriate to do or not do.

How you feel about life depends on how you choose to be with your life experiences – how you respond to what you are experiencing.  In any life experience ask yourself, “How can I be my essence in a fun way using my wisdom and abilities?”  Find ways to enjoy every experience by being grateful to what the experience is giving you.

“How can I be my essence in a fun way using my wisdom and abilities?”  

There are profound energy enhancing exercises that you can do to increase your body vitality – they are simple and can be done in minutes.



Keep connected to your dreams to help embody your essence

  • Through regularly visualizing you being your dreams
Have body awareness

  • Connect and acknowledge your body’s energetic state regularly, it helps to keep your body clear;
Have fun with whatever you do

  • Play with your inner child as it keeps you in a high vibration and in a state of bliss.
Focus on yourself with self-love

  • Be who you are with kindness
Have heart centered awareness (rather than being head centered)

  • Whenever you feel life is challenging, use feeling awareness from the heart to connect and acknowledge your inner energies creating the experience, without mental labeling.
Keep a positive optimistic view with what you focus on with your mind and what you say:

  • Use empowering language in saying what you  feel;
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say;
  • If your current perception is causing you suffering then change it;
  • Focus on possibilities and solutions, not problems.
Accept others unconditionally without reaction:

  • Remember they are a mirror of your inner energies;
  • See the gift in others and acknowledge it;
  • Be compassionate with love.
Surround yourself with people who understand and support the real you.
Be spontaneous with what you prefer to do.
Use breathing to be present in the moment and connected to the life force:

  • Use deep continuous breathing or shouting  to release heavy energies;
  • Calm slow breathing to relax.
Drink plenty of water as a hydrated body works more effectively.
Exercise regularly in ways you enjoy as it feeds the body and keeps it working effectively
Meditate to keep you calm and connected to your bigger picture.
Relax regularly to let your body recover.
Be connected to nature regularly.