Joyful mother and childLighthouse for the Soul is based on the premise that since everything is energy; everything can be explained using the concept of energy. We create with universal energetic laws; every experience is an interaction of energy.  However, under the current world consensus reality based on science, physicality and materialism, there is a lack of understanding of energetic principles.

A holistic approach is utilized to integrate your spiritual journey on Earth with your mind, emotions and body. By understanding energy and applying how to use it, you can comprehend your life and suffering and know how to create life changes to have vitality and live your preferred joyful lifestyle. You then know how to embody your soul essence on Earth; to BE WHO YOU ARE.

The methodology of Lighthouse for the Soul facilitates you to ascertain and connect to your soul essence.  Energetic techniques are used to help you to determine your true being and clear old behavioral patterns which have prevented you having high vitality. Once you know what your essence is, you then find playful ways to bring it into everyday life; to be you real self in every experience to manifest your preferred lifestyle.

Understanding how you create your lifestyle is important to know before you can create a particular lifestyle you prefer.   Many people try to create a particular lifestyle without knowing they are required to change their inner world first. Your world is a mirror of what is going on inside of you and you can only change your world by first changing what is inside of you. Opening yourself up to feeling awareness and body awareness is crucial to healing and being able to live consciously.

To create the preferred lifestyle you desire, it is necessary to be the energetic vibration consistent with this lifestyle. Techniques in the vitality engineering target two essential conditions to keep you in a high energetic state to maintain a joyful and healthy lifestyle:

  1. Keeping a high energetic state of your bodily systems to enable you to embody the energy of your soul essence;
  2. Keeping a high level of consciousness awareness consistent with being your essence.

Of course, both of these are congruent. A high energetic body state will attract higher energies and enable you to be in higher conscious awareness. By having a high level of consciousness awareness, your body will be in a high energetic state.

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