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Understanding Your LifeUnderstanding your life journey and creating your preferred lifestyle 

Have you ever felt unclear about what life is about? Wondering why you are here and where your life is going?

This book is about the Life Journey to help clarify what your life is about. My intentions are to give you greater understanding of your own life journey to help you know who you are, to provide insight into your life purpose and enable you to create a more joyful and healthy lifestyle. There are 31 charts of information to help you, including how to determine underlying causes of your illnesses and how to heal them.

daily-vitality-rituals-diag-360x391Learn valuable strategies for maintaining your vitality on a daily basis

Do you often lack energy during the day, or get affected easily by other people and life situations? Would you like to have simple, practical ways to maintain vitality?

Many people have busy lives and don’t keep themselves vitalized; even those people who are consciously aware. A valuable strategy for maintaining your vitality is having daily vitality rituals – things you do as part of your daily routine to ensure both your body and consciousness are being maintained in high vitality.

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Maintain high vitality
  • Feel better
  • Be more productive in your daily activities
  • Have harmonic interactions with people.

Understand the process of soul retrieval to achieve your life purpose

Do you sometimes feel confused, angry or depressed with many negative thought patterns? Be in a low energy state? Feel scattered or lost? If yes, then you have SOUL LOSS – you have disconnected from your soul essence.


In this book you will learn:

  • Why you have soul loss and how it is created?
  • The effects of soul loss?
  • How to prevent attracting entities especially from others?
  • How to retrieve your soul?


These 3 books are part of  a book series Paul is writing, TREASURE WITHIN, on self-healing and being your soul essence. Each book will look at different aspects of how you can re-connect to your inner treasures to heal yourself by embodying your essence.

This book series will cover the many aspects of how you can create your preferred lifestyle, including ways to clear illness and suffering and maintain your vitality. An essential feature of the series is the importance of understanding energy and how you create with universal energetic laws.

Some of these books will be available online as e-books while some will be available in hard copy and some available in both formats.


The fourth book has recently been completed and will be available to purchase soon – it is on How to Learn: Awareness-based learning. Life is a continual process of learning and this book examines the concept of learning from a holistic perspective and provides playful effective ways to maximise your learning outcomes easily.

Other books in progress are: Playing with Words; Spiritual Fun-2-C Stories for Children; Treasures of Connection on the effective ways to communicate clearly and harmonically; How to Travel Healthy using simple energetic tools; What on Earth is going on which is about an ultimate TV reality show of Earth and Sexual Healing. Also in the pipeline are Holistic Nutrition and Understanding Emotions.

Paul will also sell articles discussing particular life issues and health ailments, which will give you greater understanding of the underlying causes of illness and life situations and give holistic ways to overcome them. Keep posted for details.

Some of the energetic techniques Paul uses for self-healing will be available on video.

Audio products will also become available on particular healing topics.