Mother and child in needBeyond the Rainbow

Paul has set up this project to help underprivileged kids and single mothers in South America. South America has many poor people who require assistance for basic survival requirements.

This project assists in the following ways:

  • Buying educational items for kids; for example English dictionaries and  learning tools;
  • Buying educational tools for schools; like sports equipment, books and computers;
  • Supporting single mothers and their babies by financing their medical care and other essentials like nappies and quality milk;
  • Helping young mothers set up small businesses and buy mobile phones so they can communicate with other family members.

All funds raised are fully used for the benefits of the kids and mothers.

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Star Club logoThe Star Club

The Star Club is a proposed club which facilitates young people to be their unique soul essence on Earth with love, passion and joy.

The idea of the Star Club project is to gather together a group of underprivileged teenagers and take them on a spiritual educational tour in Peru to help them integrate the 5 earth elements into their being, so they can embody their essence on Earth.  Each participant becomes their own star.  A Star Club network (internet-based) will be created where these youngsters can connect after the tour and interact with others around the world to share their experiences and learn from each other.

The basis of the project is that the Earth comprises the 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal/air and water) in all creations, so by a person integrating these elements in themselves through experiential learning, they will integrate their essence on Earth. In each of the sacred places in nature, there will be instruction and activities to facilitate the participants to connect deeply to each of the earth elements.

Likely outcomes for participants from the Star Club include:

  • Empowerment through knowing who they are and why they are on the planet now and having strategies to create harmoniously with all life experiences ;
  • A lighter state of being with a healthy body and mind;
  • joyful, peaceful and loving presence to life;
  • Knowing how to communicate their uniqueness to the world.

The idea is for the Star Club to become a documentary and reality show for TV, or Internet, to demonstrate to the world how to be empowered.   Subsequently the Star Club can be done in other countries. Any support would be much appreciated.

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