Owner of an international healing retreat

Paul repeatedly demonstrated his gift for energetic healing, providing deep insight into the conscious roots of people’s issues and an ability to help people get the most from their healing experience through his energetic work. It has been a deep pleasure to work with him over the past two years, watching him grow and expand his gift. He has been a wonderful support to me personally and the center in general. I fully expect Paul to thrive in his new ventures and continue to make a big impact in the recognition of consciousness as the source of illness, and its source of healing. Change your consciousness and you change your health and life. May all good things come his way.


Kate Shapland, Medical Doctor in Australia

Paul is an amazing healing worker, works with all aspects of health on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and achieves great results in a short amount of time, drawing on his experiences using a variety of integrated therapies. As a natural health practitioner he has provided valuable advice and support for me and my family.  He has been very helpful to a number of my clients with both physical and mental issues.

The qualities that I appreciate in Paul are:

  • his ability to understand people’s mental state and emotions from a holistic perspective and the influence they have on their lifestyle outcomes
  • the fun strategies to help people transform dysfunctional behaviors
  • a powerful range of body balancing techniques to restore a person’s  vitality
  • an integration of health and learning aspects to support children’s learning difficulties
  • his inspiring facilitation of classes, encouraging group interaction with health and lifestyle information of an evolutionary nature in a straightforward manner (he facilitated group healing classes for my clients)


Client with Fibromyalgia:

I had the privilege to get to know Paul while staying at a healing center in South America. I came to the Center as a last resort to heal the fibromyalgia (a chronic pain disorder), that had been keeping me bedridden for the better part of 3 years. As soon as I met Paul, I felt deeply connected to him. He is extremely intuitive and shared things with me about me that no one else had ever picked up on. During my stay at Hummingbird, Paul regularly gave me advice and techniques to use that assisted me in managing the extreme pain I was in, and reclaiming my essence as a powerful woman. He gave me tools to let go of old patterns, energetic parasites, and negative beliefs I was holding about myself. Paul literally helped me learn to love and support myself on a deeper level. I had a very difficult time during my healing process, there was so much pain to let go of, but Paul was always there for me when I needed advice, or just a friend to talk to. I am so grateful to say that today I am free from the pain of fibromyalgia. There were many layers to my healing, and it didn’t happen overnight, but through working with the plant medicines, and Paul’s energy healing, I am literally a new woman today! I am so grateful that Paul and I crossed paths, and feel so blessed to be able to call him my friend! He is extremely skilled at what he does, and I would not be where I am today without him!


David Milner, Client 

“Paul taught me with humor and fun about the magic of the energy body and the power each of us has to affect our bodies and lives in positive ways by working with the powers within our own consciousness. With exercises combining the powers of visualization and intention like chakra cleaning, Soul retrieval and making vortexes he showed me the positive effects of maintaining high-frequency vibrations in the energy body and mind. He also illuminated for me the nature of the connection between my physical body, the elements, and my consciousness, which is all actually very straight-forward when someone teaches you how to see the energetic essences behind things. Paul assists people in opening the doors of perception, which leads to the journey of becoming a self-realized co-creator of reality!

Once we are taught to see the world as energy there is no limit to what our consciousness can do, and as Paul and others around the world teach this ancient idea again in the modern day they raise the collective consciousness of Humanity and Earth toward a bright future.”


Sam Canning, Client suffering from deep depression

After visiting with Paul at a Healing Center, he helped me to realize my true strengths within myself. Paul then encouraged me to follow my true calling which I have now done. Not only did he help me in this way but also taught me strategies on how to calm down and cope with life easier. Without Paul being at the center while I was there I don’t believe my healing from depression would have been anywhere near as effective. Thanks you Paul for all your help.


Client from a healing center

Greetings from Chicago! I miss you friend – your joy, your wisdom, your connection to your work. I am forever grateful for the gifts of enlightenment that I now possess, even though I have challenges keeping it all integrated in this distracting lifestyle of mine. I am well and like you said, was in need of a week of rest and recovery. You predicted things accurately once again! It was a much needed reflection and installation of my newly learned tools.


Emmy, Artistic Client 

My art is taking off Paul!!! It is very overwhelming, but I think what you said when I had my first energy session was right. I have to allow myself to be ‘famous’, before I wouldn`t have been ready to put my art out there. Now I am loads of visionary artists have been supporting me and I have been asked to attend a new visionary art academy in Vienna. Thanks for teaching me how to fly my dragon and all the magical memories. You’re the best teacher I ever had and the world needs to hear it! :D It will…and thank you :) Xx


Liz, Volunteer Worker and client from a healing Centre who I taught massage

When I worked and studied with Paul in an international healing retreat he broadened my understanding of the energy body and how to work with the natural energy flow in myself and others in a fun and easy way. Paul has an amazing natural ability to work with energy and time and many times I witnessed incredible results from clients he’d worked on. Paul helped unblock my crown chakra, a gift which has been life changing for me, thanks Pablo!

“Paul is a masterful teacher, and a skilled energy healer, a comedian extraordinaire and a great friend. Only someone as open and loving as Paul can facilitate and guide people through the opportunities for genuine healing that plant medicines offer us.”