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Over 10 years of experience in helping clients for happy life.

Body Wisdom

Learn to KNOW yourself, BE yourself and SHARE yourself.


Welcome to the Lighthouse for the soul


We shine light on your life journey
so you create a life of PEACE and JOY.
Reconnect to your soul essence
Have the SELF WORTH to self heal and
Create a life full of VITALITY & MEANING.


How can I create a joyful and healthy lifestyle?

Why am I unhappy?
Why am I often unhealthy?
Why do I have unpleasant experiences?

Most people have deep issues around SELF WORTH as they have lost sight of who they are and lack meaning of their life. After traumas in life, people often disconnect from their soul essence to survive. They block their inherent wisdom and abilities they chose to bring to the planet to manifest their visionary purpose. As a result,  people often feel not good enough, allow others to dominate them and sacrifice their dreams to survive.

The GOLDEN KEY to the quality of your life is your level of soul awareness — how much you are connected to your authentic self. Since illness is created by blocking the energy of your soul into your body, healing is about reconnecting to your soul and embody it in human form. You have the inner power to create what you deeply desire when you are embodying your soul essence.

The solution of life is to:

KNOW yourself

BE yourself

SHARE yourself.

Your life journey is one of knowing how to embody your soul essence. Your life’s STORY OF STRUGGLE (your SOS!) is how you have overcome obstacles in your life challenges by  reconnecting to your unique gifts of awareness. By understanding what you have learnt on your life´s journey of discovery, your SOS becomes your STORY OF STRENGTH. You  appreciate how to help others access their soul abilities easier and quicker with what you have learnt from accessing your gifts. Your life becomes significant within the bigger picture of Earth´s evolution and you live with greater clarity, joy & peace of mind.

 Shamanic Training

Discover how to access your shamanic wisdom & abilities to help others heal.

Life Mastery

Having the tools to deal with life and create a life of joy and contribution.

Empower Yourself

Learning how to master your energy so you have the strength to handle others.

Healthy Lifestyle

Know how to heal yourself by connecting to and learning from your symptoms.


Our Services


Help empower people by reconnecting them to their soul essence to give them clarity, confidence and vitality. A shamanic energetic approach of coaching & bodywork to enable a person to transmute limitations in their life to have joy & meaning.

To empower yourself there are five E-Books available online. To help you discover your dominant element there is currently a FREE promotion on Chapter 1 of my book “Understanding Your Life” – access NOW chapter 1.


The Shamanic Healers Star Club is a Meet Up group in Melbourne to provide regular interactive group sessions to help empower people with the wisdom and tools to master their lives and heal themselves. For the latest events click below.

Training in Life Mastery  … ACADEMY FOR LIFE MASTERY

Courses in LIFESTYLE MASTERY and SHAMANIC HEALING.  Life Mastery helps empower people to know and be themselves in life. Shamanic Healers Academy trains people to facilitate shamanic healing. FREE course available now on “How to Overcome Dominating People”. More courses coming soon.



FREE Training ... Discover the #1 Determinant of the Quality of your Life

Why Choose Us

We Focus on Empowerment

Our aim is to help you regain control of your life by being your authentic self so you have the wisdom and tools to master your life.

World wide Experience over 20 years in 50 countries

Paul has been an active shamanic healer and trainer for over 20 years, helping people from over 50 countries transform their lives, with people from many different backgrounds and ages and having a range of illnesses.

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